Desperate! Lady Gaga Caught Lying...Again

Her desperation is so real...

Lady Gaga edited, posted & stole Metallica's sold-out concert to give an illusion that her performance in the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal, Quebec, Canada was sold-out.

"The festival has been trotting out heritage artists like Earth Wind & Fire, singers Tony Bennett (joined by Lady Gaga for a surprise duet), Cassandra Wilson, Dianne Reeves, Bobby McFerrin, hometown favorite Michael Buble (performing July 4 and 5) and solo concerts from pianists Keith Jarrett and Brad Mehldau. The biggest events have been part of the free outdoor Les Performances series. French artist Woodkid put on a visually mesmerizing performance for the Opening Event, and Sunday night’s Grand Event featured Canadian sweetheart Diana Krall playing her first free concert in Montreal — in front of 100,000 people. Supported by a quintet that included guitarist Marc Ribot, Krall was boosted by a “surprise” appearance from husband Elvis Costello, who’d been playing his own solo concert earlier that evening. Costello accompanied Krall’s encore, which included The Band’s “Ophelia” and Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues.” - Billboard

Maybe Lady Gaga can't stand the fact that The Mrs. Carter Show by Beyonce ended its yearlong run with overall revenue totaling $212 million from more than 1.8 million sold tickets at 126 concerts?

Tsk, tsk, tsk.....Naughty! Can she go any lower that this? I feel bad for her fans...I really do. Take a break Gaga. You have...peaked!

<a href="" title="Is Lady Gaga...dumb?">Is Lady Gaga...dumb?</a>

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