Exclusive: Madonna's New Album details 2012

It is going to be an epic album. So exciting...

Exclusive info on Madonna's New Album


The Sound: A modern and mostly upbeat sound. The blend of electronica informed by ethnic influences such as oriental music will be compelling as well as memorable. Each song is expected to be catchy, powerful with a fantastic selection of trippy and hazy electronica tingles. After all, William Orbit, responsible for Madonna’s impeccable Ray Of Light as well as some of Music, is all about the subtle little details that make his work quite unique.

The Lyrics: Madonna has been working on those for quite awhile. We can expect some personal lyrical content, as well as the “fun and dancing” recurrent theme. William Orbit also co-wrote a few tracks and we all know how consistent and funny our favorite Englishman can be.

RT @WilliamOrbit u gonna pee your panties when u hear what's cookin