Collaboration: Madonna's fans reject GaGa

It is all started with a word- retarded.

Last April, Lady Gaga apologizes for using the "R" word when defending "Born This Way" as not being a rip-off of Madonna's "Express Yourself." People in the industry believed it was directed to Madonna's fans.


"She (Madonna) is on the right track this time with Orbit, Martin Solveig.....there is no need of Gaga....but just the OLD good Madonna music: so let Gaga do wonders with someone else", wrote a Madonna's fan in a forum.

Few weeks ago, Perez broke the news by claiming Rihanna is Madonna's 1st choice for a duet that will be featured for the pop queen forthcoming new album. So far, William Orbit and Martin Solveig confirmed as 'producers'. No words about the 'collaboration' from Madonna's team.

5 days ago wrote Lady Gaga Facebook and Twitter scandal puts another crack in her egg. Chicago radio station B96 wasn't too happy about Lady Gaga this morning; it appears that several fake Facebook and Twitter accounts which add to Gaga's list.

NY Daily News says, "Gaga’s reps didn’t respond to our requests for comment, but Madonna’s spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg replied that the Material Girl’s manager “laughed” when she ran our item by him. She then instructed us to “go to the title of Stevie Nicks’ new album for the answer.” That would be “In Your Dreams.” D’oh!".

The backlash of Lady GaGa isn't coming from Madonna's fans. Recently there is a Facebook scam claiming GaGa is dead and Bette Midler accuses Lady Gaga of copying her act, too! during her Sydney's concert last month. And the news that GaGa will play Amy Winehouse in a movie doesn't help her either. Judging from iTunes sales, GaGa latest single called You & I has failed to crack the top 10 everywhere around the world.

"When will Lady Gaga's plagiarism end?", asked Better Midler's fans.