Photo | Ricky Martin & live-in boyfriend spotted in Miami

Ricky Martin en familia..

"Carlos Gonzalez is the partner of Ricky Martin. They have a strong and stable relantionship for over two years and living under one roof," media Puerto Rican claims.

The picture taken by the Paparazzis that sees Martin and Carlos Gonzalez walking and Matteo Valentino twins in a park in Miami during the weekend of Action Thanks. A little buff Carlos Gonz├ílez Abella is a Miami-based stockbroker with whom Ricky has a romantic relationship for more than two years the media added.

For years, Grammy winner Ricky faced an inner struggle with his sexuality.  Now, he says he's a fortunate gay man. Ricky talked about hitting rock bottom when he visited Oprah Show. Ricky and Oprah said "the world would change if everyone who is gay comes out".

"Ricky feels comfortable with his personal life. I openly said in his book 'I' who is in love and enjoying a stable relationship," added the source consulted by the Puerto Rican  newspaper.