President Obama is treated like a pop star in Indonesia

So much to information regarding Obama's visit in Indonesia this week. According to NYTimes, President Obama's ex- nanny was a cross-dresser homosexual.

"His nanny was an openly gay man who, in keeping with Indonesia’s relaxed attitudes toward homosexuality, carried on an affair with a local butcher, longtime residents said. The nanny later joined a group of transvestites called Fantastic Dolls, who, like the many transvestites who remain fixtures of Jakarta’s streetscape, entertained people by dancing and playing volleyball".

The website added, Mr. Obama lived here between 1967 and 1971, Jakarta is now the overextended and overcrowded capital of the world’s fourth most populous nation. A statue of Barack Obama as a 10-year-old has been sited in Menteng Park in Jakarta to inspire children in Indonesia.

"Oh there is so much to learn about President Obama from the Times travel story about his Indonesian trip, finally coming to fruition today after three delays. Like how Barry, as he was known while growing up there as a boy in the late 60s, said he wanted to be president. And how he went to Roman Catholic church service like everyone else. Oh, and how he was raised by a gay guy who would later become a member of a cross-dressing entertainment group."

Mr. Obama’s family rented the guest house inside a compound belonging to a prominent physician. There, according to the neighborhood’s longtime residents, the young Obama, who had already experienced differences in class and religion in his short stay in Indonesia, was exposed to another aspect of Jakarta’s diversity."

"Let me begin with a simple statement: Indonesia is part of me," he said in Indonesian at the University of Indonesia.

CBS News also reported, Obama delivered perhaps the most intensely personal speech of his presidency, speaking phrases in Indonesian to a cheering crowd of more than 6,000 mostly young people who claimed him as their own.

After the speech, Obama shook hands with some in the audience, including several former classmates seated in the front row. Others screamed as if Obama were a pop star.

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