Oprah Winfrey named the highest earning female in Hollywood


The Queen of All Media, Oprah beat the likes of Beyonce Knowles, Lady GaGa and Madonna, making $324 million from her media empire, which includes her own chat show and magazine, to top the list compiled by Forbes.

56-yo Queen from Chicago earn so much equivalent of 5 celebrities put together. Beyonce raking in $89 million, Britney Spears banking $65 million, Lady Gaga earning $64 million and Madonna swelling her purse with $59.9 million.

Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus have made into the Forbes list too.  

Forbes Top 10 Highest Earning Hollywood Women 2010:
  1. Oprah Winfrey: $324 million
  2. Beyonce Knowles: $89 million
  3. Britney Spears: $65 million
  4. Lady Gaga: $64 million
  5. Madonna: $59.9 million
  6. Sandra Bullock: $59.2 million
  7. Ellen DeGeneres: $56 million
  8. Miley Cyrus: $48 million
  9. Taylor Swift: $46 million
  10. Judge Judy: $46 million
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