Men: Signs of Aging has come out few interesting facts about aging. Age is just a number....think again?

Aging is something that every guy deals with. Recognizing some of the changes you'll experience while you age will help you to prevent some problems now and help you to deal with others when they occur.


While some men will get to a ripe old age with a head of hair as full as it was during their teens, most of us will experience some hair loss: Two-thirds of men will be bald or balding by 60. The odds may not be on your side but you shouldn't worry about male pattern baldness. Unless it's a sudden result of stress or illness, male pattern baldness isn't typically associated with any medical disorders. Bald athletes and movie stars are often seen as sex symbols, and plenty of younger men opt for the clean, no-fuss look.

Bone and Muscle Mass

Increased fracture risk and weakness with age aren't just concerns for women. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF), an estimated 12 million American men are at risk for osteoporosis. Although bone mineral density typically peaks at 30, you're not helpless to prevent gradual loss of bone and muscle.
Quit smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, both associated with poor bone health. Get plenty of calcium, abundant in dairy and leafy greens, as well as vitamin D, which is produced by direct contact with sunlight or found in fortified foods. A weight-training regimen, as well as any exercise in which your muscles work against gravity, is also a great way to maintain optimal bone health.


Age-related macular degeneration and cataracts are the major vision problems affecting millions of older Americans, according to the National Eye Institute. Aside from excessive exposure to UV light, smoking, high blood pressure and a poor diet are also risk factors for these conditions. Although genetics play a role, you can reduce your risk of vision loss by wearing sunglasses outdoors, especially around noon, and eating a healthy diet rich in omega-3s, as well as fruits and vegetables.


Hearing loss is another problem that seems to be common among the elderly, but it can happen at any age. According to the Mayo Clinic, lifetime exposure to loud noises is a leading factor in the loss of hearing as you age. Don't listen to music or other entertainment at too high a volume, especially if you're using earbuds or headphones. If noise is part of your daily routine, make sure you use earplugs when you're on the job.

Sexual Health

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