Limewire finally shut down

No more "sharing is caring"?

Limewire shut down... In a big win for record labels, a judge on Tuesday issued an injunction that will force LimeWire to cease its P2P operation. After today, according to information shared by LimeWire, the company will no longer support or distribute its P2P file-sharing software as the court directed it to disable "the searching, downloading, uploading, file trading and/or file distribution functionality, and/or all functionality."

One blogger wrote, "

I like Limewire.

It's Mac-compatible, and equally important, it's a file-sharing program that I can use without any problem.

I tried several others last year and was completely befuddled before I happened on Limewire, and now I'm a very satisfied user.

Songs, pictures, movies, it's all there.

Sure, you have to throw out most of what you get, but hey, the price - 0 - is right.

But there's just one problem.

I just realized what it was.

Of course, others knew of this from the get-go, but here at Technodolt Headquarters, we take a while to figure these things out.

I was wondering why it was that for the past few days, it's been very aggravating to use my computer; it's almost as if I'm back on a dial-up modem instead of my wicked fast DSL line.

What gives?, wondered I.

Only five minutes ago did I solve the problem.

About an hour ago, I remembered that I opened up Limewire a few days ago and have been slowly downloading tons of stuff, running in the background.

So I simply stopped downloading stuff, figuring that would fix my computer problem.
I mean, it's logical that all the bandwidth was being taken up by movie bits, crowding out my bookofjoe bits.



Killing the downloads didn't change a thing.

Then I realized that as long as Limewire is on, even if I'm not actively downloading, my files are.... Read more: