Lady Gaga | Born This Way | new album

Lady Gaga's new album Born This Way is coming soon. The contemporary pop icon has revealed at her Portland's concert last year that her latest offering may contain 20 new songs.

At the same show, a defiant Gaga also reveals that ‘Born This Way’ will be “the greatest album of our decade". 

"That chorus came to me, like, I swear, I didn't even write it. I think God dropped it in my lap," Gaga told Rolling Stone. The phrase was also included on a leaked note that hinted at a possible collaboration with David Bowie on a song called 'Vinyl,' although Bowie has since denied any such rumors. She said she wants her next album to be like and anthem for our generation or the decade.

"Born This Way" will be on iTunes worldwide on May 23rd with her biggest competitior Glee -the Musical vol. 6

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