Julian Assange- the man behind WikiLeaks

You must be living under the rock if you haven't heard about WikiLeaks.

According to The Times, the controversial whistle -blower website recently published a document Saudi donors remain chief financiers of militant groups like al Qaeda and that Chinese government operatives have waged a coordinated campaign of computer sabotage targeting the United States and its allies. Who is the man behind WikiLeaks that even US government tries to muzzle him down? 

Julian Assange, an internet activist is the man and spoke person behind WikiLeaks who studied physics and mathematics at the University of Melbourne.  He is an Australian-born who has swapped his long-time interest in network security flaws since his early 20s. Using network technology he travels around the world contributing to transparency in journalism and communications without special interests and hidden agendas. Read more: Julian Assange

Time Magazine has said, "...could become as important a journalistic tool as the Freedom of Information Act."

The State Department had warned WikiLeaks that the expected release would endanger countless lives, jeopardize American military operations and hurt international cooperation on global security issues. On the contrary, one the critics says, "WikiLeaks has more scoops and legs in 3 years compared to Washington Post has had in 3 years".

It has been reported that the website is under attack but the media outlet would publish some of the classified and sensitive documents of Afghan and Iraq war diaries to the world to see. 

Assange received International Media Award in 2009 from Amnesty International for his role as one of the world's most visible human-rights activists. WikiLeaks is a non- profit organization collects and posts highly classified documents and video alleging government and corporate misbehave.

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