Fans Ask To Boycott Michael Jackson ?

Michael Jackson's fans united for His legacy ?

"To the Management of the Jackson Vault And The Jackson Family,

We object to:

• The Jackson family’s business association with Howard Mann, Marc Schaffel, two men with backgrounds in the adult entertainment industry. Such associations could be detrimental to the welfare of Michael's children;

• The use of the demeaning term, “J-acko” in the Jackson Vault website and press release. A degrading term that Michael himself, spoke openly against and thought was insulting; [ The discussion that followed when they referred to MJ as J***]

• The exploitation of Michael’s elderly mother in the marketing, selling and merchandising from the Jackson Vault;

• The use and brokering of Michael Jackson’s children to promote events, merchandise and interviews.

We will no longer tolerate further undermining of the Michael Jackson Estate. This malicious practice against the estate jeopardizes the financial future of Michael Jackson’s children, his mother, his charities and his musical legacy.

As demonstrated by the vindictive release of “Opis None” – a 1978 Destiny recording presented as a new unreleased track; a deliberate attempt to sabotage the estate’s release of the song “Breaking News” from Michael Jackson’s first posthumous CD and mislead his fans.

We DEMAND a full halt to the above practices by certain Jackson Family members and their associates.

We are calling for an immediate BOYCOTT of ALL Jackson Vault merchandise including books, music, belts, calendars, clothing and any so-called “free” incentive offerings.

If the exploitation continues, the fans will then broaden the boycott to include projects from all the Jacksons.

It is important to note that this boycott does not include products sanctioned by the Michael Jackson estate for the benefit of his children, his mother and his charities".

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