The Beatles songs finally sold on Apple's iTunes Store

According to the within 24 hours of going on sale, Beatles songs already occupy 15% of iTunes UK's top 200.

At the time of writing, Beatles songs have been available as legitimate paid downloads for just under a day. And already the Fab Four occupy 15% of iTunes UK's top 200. Although their highest entry, Hey Jude, is at No 40 they have 31 appearances in the charts. A few of these are doubles because some tracks are available on both albums and compilations – Twist and Shout appears at 59 and 79, for instance, and Let It Be at 65 and 147 – but it's clear that people aren't just buying Beatles songs by the album, or as a £125 set.

More than 40 years after the Beatles broke up, their entire catalogue is finally available to download, song by song, through iTunes, wrote

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