Basketball: 7-foot & 14- year old boy from India to be the NBA star

Satnam Singh Bhamra, a 7-foot  and 14- year old boy from India is ready to take the big challenge...NBA!

"Satnam could one day do the same thing for India that Yao Ming did in China -- put the spotlight on basketball through an entire country. It really could be something.''

"Satnam's dad is two inches taller than him, and his dad's mom is 6' 9". I would imagine the ceilings in their house had to be pretty high", joked

He made an excellent career choice.

He is not only standing at 7 feets but weighs 250 pounds, too. After its runaway success in China, the NBA has turned its sights on India.

However, basketball is not terribly popular here as one sports writer says, "Genetically, we're not inclined that way."

According to blog, last month, the NBA brought over Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol to lead clinics in Indian schools. It has also helped develop a community league, the Mahindra NBA Challenge, in three cities, with plans to add seven more. It is training coaches, has set up a website and last year built five showcase courts, hoping to persuade the government and private developers to build more. 

And his  favourite player is Lakers' star Kobe Bryant !!!

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