Video | Mariah Carey | Oh Santa

Things arent looking that great for R&B diva Mariah Carey.

Chritmas comes early for Mariah Carey but..

 Her latest single "Oh Santa" from her up coming holiday album titled "Merry Christmas II You" has received quite cold receptions from the public.

Plagued with few series of bad publicity especially after the flop of her last 2 albums and the news that she fell on stage during the Singapore F1 recently, Oh Santa continues to receive bad publicity.

 Here's what a few people are saying about Oh Santa:

"..over-production, enhanced vocals, and not to mention, the annoying kids in the background, and just very high-school driven. After much hype and anticipation (by her fans), we were really expecting a masterpiece here, but instead, we were fed the usual pop-vocal coder material that is heavily used in today's market. The only people who would find this song even remotely good, are Mariah's delusional fans, or maybe some 1st graders"
"I am so sick of this woman. Do she know she is past her prime? Who puts out flop after flop anyways? She need to go have some babies and stop using studio trickery to make her album sound better. Mariah, get a clue.."

"..sounds like something Hanna Montana or Justin Bieber would release as a single for Xmas"

"The only thing Mariah has invested much these days is.. a Photoshop!"

"I still prefer her 1994's All I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU"

"The tune is definitely worthy of a Disneyland commercial"

Yes, indeed it does sound like a Motown-ish but as far as taking it to the next level, Oh Santa is nothing to boast about but still an okay song. It has kind of holiday and festive vibe to it.

This track is co-produced with Janet Jackson's ex Jermain Dupri and you can grab a copy of Merry Christmas II You on November 2nd. 

My verdict..strictly for fans and Lambs.