Wrong Title: Mariah Carey Clarifies Christmas Album


Too much information ..too soon.

According to PR-Inside.com, Mariah's next Christmas album is not 'Merry Christmas II You '!!!

Carey corrects confused Cannon
2010-09-04 15:14:18 - Wenn

Mariah Carey berated her husband Nick Cannon online after he tweeted fans the wrong title of her upcoming Christmas album.

The superstar is preparing a disc of holiday classics, which will include a remix of her huge hit Merry Christmas which topped the charts globally in 1994.

  Cannon boasted to his Twitter.com followers that he had an exclusive on the album's title, writing: "Mariah Carey's New Album Titled 'Merry Christmas II You'."

But his bemused wife had to correct the America's Got Talent
host, tweeting back: "NickCannon that's not a confirmed title Dearest heart! I never said what kind of an album it is My Love! What?"

Source: pr-inside.com

Mariah's as-yet-untitled Christmas album is reportedly set for release in early November this year, according to WENN.

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