Study: The Most Polluted Places In The World

Huffington Post's  Barbara Fenig has revealed 9 Of The Most Polluted Places In The World (PHOTOS) list.    "From the highways of Los Angeles to the Citarum River of Bandung, Indonesia, earth's most polluted city of Linfen, China to the streets of London, the world is laden with man-made pollution. Chemical, air, water and oil pollution ruin the environment, cause premature deaths, spoil the world's resources and worsen climate change", wrote the article.   It has been estimated that the world's population will soar to 7 billion, the author suggest it is about time for investigation.  Here are the Top 9 Polluted Places in the world:-   1) click the link 2) Los Angeles, United States 3) Niger Delta, Nigeria 4) Greater London, United Kingdom 5) Dzerzhinsk, Russia 6) Greater Phoenix, United States 7) Bandung, Indonesia  8) La Oraya, Peru 9) Lake Karachy, Russia       *Note: Current #1Most Polluted Place In The World's is Bandung, Indonesia (Citarum, Indonesia hosts the most polluted river on the planet, the Citarum River. With nearly 5 million residents living near the river, Citarum is a main water source.