Photo: Mariah Carey is either fat or pregnant

It looks like Mariah Carey is kissing away her voluptuous figure goodbye.

Spotted by Brazilian journalists and photographers recently, Mariah's pregnancy neither denied nor confirmed.

One fan wrote, " I hope she's pregnant! If she's not that's tragic, embarrassing and most important not healthy'.

Brazilian reporter twitted, "What's Mariah Carey?????????????????? What a pig out!!!! A whale, people!!! Sorry for using so many exclamations, but I was scared! She's sooooo big, it's a good thing that voice doesn't get fat."

Following the fans reactions, she replied: "I'm getting many criticism from Mariah fans. Those people who don't respect others opinions. She's a good singer, but she gained weight. Fact."

Mariah is in her 40s and married for several years now; she has to be pregnant as her popularity is a done -deal especially in Europe and the US.

No words from MooMoo's husband Nick Cannon or her representative.