Lady Gaga Talks About Madonna And Michael Jackson On 'Larry King Live' (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga talks about the Queen and King of Pop on 'Larry King Live: Exclusive The One and Only Lady Gaga' on 1/6/2010.

She talks about almost touring with Michael Jackson and being compared to Madonna.

"I was actually asked to open for Michael on his tour," confessed Lady Gaga to Larry King.

King then asked her what she thought of all the comparisons to Madonna, and what it was like performing with her on 'Saturday Night Live.' In addition to Madonna being "very kind and supportive," Lady Gaga discovered there's something both women are "militant" about.

According to, Larry King is 76 years old, and traditionally viewed as the go-to guy for interviews with politicians, dignitaries and other somber news-makers.

"Does he even know who Lady Gaga is? Well, he does now..", joked Aimee Deeken the article writer.