Alejandro video: Lady Gaga copies Madonna again???

and Lady Gaga has done it again...nothing but unoriginal ...

The video Alejandro from Lady Gaga is based on Stephen Kleins concept from 2009 called The Klein Academy and it is resembling Madonna's 90s Vogue. Though Gaga's fans denied it but this is something we have seen before and gay men..abundant in this video.

Judge it..


  1. I am getting bored with this Lady ..

  2. AlejandroJune 08, 2010

    This doesn't look like Vogue to me at all.

  3. Lady Gaga is ugly beyond words..

  4. AnonymousJune 10, 2010

    This corporate creation, so called "artist" mimic is so out of other people's ideas that now she has to rip off the Queen??? Not only dose it copy Vouge's dancing and clothing, it also rips off, like a prayer, la isla bonita's sound, justify my love look + dancers and also Nothing really matters. Unbelievable that this mannish ugly excuse for a woman has the balls to insult our musical intellect and throw her crap in our faces like this! Also the song sounds EXACTLY like ace of base's don't turn around. She is so the opposite of unique. There is a way to show homage and respect to an artist but the way she dose it she is simply stealing all of what Madonna created in the 90's! Plus check out her wanna be dance moves, she can't even keep up with the dancers! Love you Madonna, this ugly ass could never get on your level.