Top 10 Things To Consider About Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social networking sites with more than 400 million active users, 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given and an average user has 130 friends
users and members.

Some may go and others prefer to stay connected. How many of us have even considered these factors before signing up or giving up our accounts?

Here are the things to consider next time you sign on:-

 1) Do you want to know what other people are doing, thinking and blabbing about petty issues such as cats, rants, stuck in the traffic, weather sucks and etc?

2) Do you have the urge to look at others' photos that 70% are shitty, boring and nothing special that sometimes you just want to click 'delete' or say 'what were you thinking'?

3) Do I really want to tell the world about my life? (Unless you are Beyonce or Robert Pattinson, that's a different story!)

4) Do you want to choose 'nature' versus sitting in front of PC or in a cafe with WiFi to tell others that you actually following the 21st century's trend?

5) Do you friends actually really want to talk or chat with you whereas they just can call & meet you if they are honest about friendship?

6) Do you want to show- off to people that you have 'more friends' but actually to be honest they nothing but 'ghost friends'.

7) Do I have to make my hard-drive working even harder by using Farmville, social games and streaming videos? Youtube isnt enough?

8) Do I have to like my friends' hobbies, activities and their lifestyles?

9) Do I cherish and entitle for my own privacy?

10) Do I have a ..................................................................LIFE ???!!!

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else...............................write a blog! :)


  1. LOL. i've deactivated my facebook but in the end, me myself relogin after 2 days. addicted thou to mafia wars. lol

  2. TRUE!

    Used to play Farmville but after a while got bored plus my hard-drive seemed to generate this 'frozen screen' warning.. :(