New Virus 'Bikini Babes' Hits Facebook !!!

Beware of 'Bikini Babes' !!!

According to Techcrunch, Beach Babes video hits 1000s of Facebook walls, but it’s malware and it is not 'sexy' at all. The thumbnail which appears to be an image of a young woman’s bottom in a bikini can be detected by using your anti-virus.

 The message reads:
, this is hilarious! lol :P :P :P Distracting Beach Babes [HQ] Length: 5:32 ”
 It is mentioned that the malware propagates throughout your friend list and Facebook user is asked to click the link and the video is appearing on the walls of Facebook users.

If you want to see bikini babes..just go to the beach or public swimming pool.. :)

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