Lady Gaga: “Nobody will ever be the new Madonna.”

Lady Gaga gave an interview to french channel, TF1

Again, she’s being described as “the new Madonna” and the one who’s “showing the world how old Madonna is”, but Gaga refuses any comparison. Here’s what she had to say…

TF1: You are an Italian from New York, people always compare you to Madonna. Are you saying that you’re here to end Madonna’s reign, and that you are the post-Madonna of pop?

Lady Gaga: Nobody will ever be the new Madonna. Nobody will ever take her place. What Madonna did for feminism and for women all over the world, for the sexual revolution, can never be replicated because it has already been done.

by ZaCK

Oui !


  1. i think nobody can be lady gaga also =P

  2. Gaga- the copy cat !!!! :(

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