iTunes To Sell Concert Tickets

Live Nation and Ticketmaster please take note.

Apple will be launching a new iTunes "Concert Ticket" and system? 

According to the company's patents website, iTunes will have an application for events and hope this iTunes -based web service for tickets will eventually eliminate paper tickets, encourage more iPhone users and enhance the iTunes music empire.


Customers can log on their iTunes accounts not only for concerts but this application goes far beyond to cover sporting events, amusement park admissions and rides (think Disney), a wedding invitation system and a lot more.


"Once an iPhone is docked to a desktop, like an iMac, the devices could synchronize and/or transfer certain data, such as an electronic ticket', explains.


According to the website, E-tickets also "may provide additional benefits, such as  discounts on merchandise related to the event, discounts or prepaid refreshments for the event, discounts or prepaid merchandise like a T-Shirt for the event, and other related content, such as a digital map to the event or of the venue including your seating positioning relative to the stage".


However, the doesn't exactly disclose when this application/ system will be available and ready in the market. 


There will come a time when we can just book and buy airline and bus tickets on iTunes ?





  1. wow great apps! waiting for new iphone this year july~

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