Tips To Make Money From Youtube Videos

Bored, nothing to do during weekend?

You might want to try this "video sharing unit" on Youtube. Wonder how Lady Gaga makes more money using her video on Youtube even though it is free?

"CD sales are steeply down from a decade ago due to Web-based theft and single-track sales –and no one expects them to recover. Even without theft, Gaga fans can just as easily watch her on Youtube rather than paying for her music. Instead of fighting the stream, Carter ( Lady Gaga's manager) and others like him are  meeting the audience online and experimenting with ways to monetize popularity", explain

Since Youtube is partnering with Google Adsense, it is a free, easy and reliable. You can do it too by starting your own video. All you need is a camcorder or cellphone and a little bit of editing skills using movie editing software.

"We decided it was time to spread the wealth. Today we're excited to announce that we're extending the YouTube Partnership Program to include individual popular videos on our site. Now, when you upload a video to YouTube that accumulates lots of views, we may invite you to monetize that video and start earning revenue from it. To determine whether a particular video is eligible for monetization, we look at factors like the number of views, the video's virality and compliance with the YouTube Terms of Service. If your video is eligible for monetization, you will receive an email and see an "Enable Revenue Sharing" message next to your video on the watch page, as well as in other places in your account", according to the Official Goggle blog Tom Pickett.

Video sharing units is a concept where for "a few thousands views, you will be awarded with 3 honors from Youtube" based on traffic. Thus, marketers or sponsors can examine this data and decided which advertisement programs should be going well with your video.

Experts tell chances favor to a comedy video because majority look on Youtube for entertainment.

So grab your cam now, work it, strike a pose..

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