Christina Aguilera Tickets More Expensive Than Madonna

.. and Twitter fans call her Crazytina !!!

Christina Aguilera is charging $495-795 for VIP tickets to her upcoming ill-advised tour in conjunction of her new album 'Bionic' which is expected to hit stores worldwide on June 4th.

"Rip-off....that's even more expensive than what Madonna even dare to charge during her highest- grossing tour of all time Sticky & Sweet", said blog publishers everywhere.

"OMG!......Loca!", according to Perez Hilton's Twitter message.

Almost 4 years of absence from the music scene, her 1st cut from this long awaited album Not Myself Tonight has failed to generate interests and disappointingly peaked at #23 !

She's definitely not herself  ..... (shaking head)


  1. Lol, $495-795 is too much, unless she sings naked or something~