Celine Dion 14 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

After 9 years and a miscarriage it has been confirmed by her publicist that the 42-year-old Canadian diva is 14 weeks pregnant with twins.

Publicist Kim Jakwerth told The Associated Press in an e-mail Sunday that Celine whose hit songs include "My Heart Will Go On" and "Because You Love Me" is pregnant and is just hoping for a healthy pregnancy."

Yahoo.com said, "Celine Dion struggle to have one more baby has more than paid off. She's pregnant with two."

Celine and her 68- year -old husband Rene Angelil have only one son, 9-year-old Rene Charles and had undergone several rounds of in-vitro fertilization in an attempt to extend her family.

The singer is expected to return with a new album and also Vegas next year for a 3-year contract.

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