The Underwear Personality Test for men

The best way to look at men's heart is by looking at their briefs or boxers? According to Gary Drill the author of this article on Mens suits, "It’s sort of a psychology test and could really tell a lot about a man. Some women call it as the underwear personality test and interestingly enough it holds a certain truth in it."

So let see..

  • Speedo cut/ Bikini brief:  goes well if you in Europe, brand spoke model or David Beckham wannabe.
  • G-string/ thong- ... exhibitionist, narcissist, insecure, last Vegas porn star or stripper joint. 
  • Brief/ tight boxer- practical, conservatives, yuppies, relax, easy going, 'supported',  40 plus professional, probably married, fashion unconscious, I LOVE 80s, Calvin Klein worshipper and no trendsetter.
  • Tartan Boxer-  skater, hip hopper, street-wise, "hanging low", couldn't- care- less, rebellious, eager to prove, wannabe, acting cool, peer pressure, baggy jean fanatic and truck driver.
  • Victoria Secret- ............................ (good deal if you want to breakup with your girlfriend or wife)
Click and take a test, boys

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