Ricky Martin's 'new' digital tattoo video

via The Insider

This is a first ala- homoerotic video titled “My Skin Talks” from since he publicly made the shocking announcement last month that he is gay.. aiming to act as a metaphor for his 'reawakening'.

My Skin Talks from Black & White tour in 2007, but ABC, The Daily Mail and others are trying to say that it represents his rebirth as an openly gay man. Martin may have been feeling a little nostalgic because he linked to his Twitter page a couple of days ago. 

Blessed with good look and physic, not sure how the general public will interpret this one. Surely judging from this video,  Ricky Martin is "livin"in his own "la vida loca" !!!

Rumor has it someone from a porn studio approach him recently..

Errr..Nice tattoo, by the way! ;)

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