The Metrosexual Personality Test

In response to the present day men skin care products, spas and gymnasiums in our society....god creates 21st century's group of men so-called metro-sexual and the number is  on the rise!

Men now are awakening to the importance of self-pampering and self-reinforcing just like women.  Signs to look for: secure and cool, confident and capable as well as meticulous and conscious and they also CAN cook!

They want to look good, smell good and feel good.  Men who refuse to limit their choices and freedom of expression in clothes, skin care, nails or fragrances. In 2004, UK Telegraph reported the research company Datamonitor found that British men spent £1.3 billion a year on grooming products. The overwhelming majority of those purchases were being made by men under 40 yo. Nothing to go 'urghhh' about because the number of men having cosmetic surgery leaping up 82 percent since the start of 2009 according to

Intrinsically, metro-sexual men do not forsaken their true sexuality.  They do not attracted to the same- sex and the don't go looking like a skater, punk, Goth and Hell's Angel either. Men who don't pout but feel perfectly fine when their wives drag them to shop for curtains. Men at ease..

It is because metro-sexual itself is not about sexuality nor social role, it is something connected with the state of mind! Patrick Chong the author of "Metro-sexual Myth" adds, "is a complete change of lifestyle and not just looks or demeanor." His book itself becomes an instant best-seller so go figure.

Are you the one? Click for Metro-sexual Test here


  1. lol. guys should look cool.. but beautiful =P

  2. You mean the picture? LOL