Madonna The Best Selling Female Artist 2010

Move over Celine, Mariah and Britney...

According to, Madonna is currently the Top Selling Female Artist.

The data compiled by Mediatraffic is taken into consideration of Madonna's sales/career from 1983 to 2010.

also known as The Queen of Pop with her 2 previous Hard Candy and Celebration albums ( (3.6 + 1.5 = 5.1 million copies) is reportedly sold around 187.000.000 records in her career. Thus, it automatically qualifies her for the title of World's Best- Selling Female Artist of All Time.

Overall, she sits at #5 behind Pink Floyd, Elvis and The Beatles. The current record holder sold around 346.5 million records (last update 12/2007) as the Best Selling Artist of All Time.

Across the pond, US's top selling female title goes to Barbra Streisand followed by Madonna and in 3rd ranking.


  1. thanks for the info ehhh...i really dunno madonnna so pro one...i thought celine they all were better...but i still prefer celine

  2. Good news indeed..!!!

  3. Well, Mariah started her career in 1990 so don't feel sorry for her... That is 7 years behind... In 7 years Madonna will be nowhere to be found and Mariah will be ON THE TOP... :)

    -Bobby from Bulgaria-

  4. Bobbi..please check your facts by RIAA !!! Mariah is no 3.


  5. AnonymousMay 05, 2010

    britney is one of the top selling artists and shes barely been at it only 10 years

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