The Twilight star Pattinson is losing hearing ?

The Twilight actor Robert Pattinson suffers from a tone -deaf syndrome because of screaming fans?

Pattinson who is currently in England shooting his new movie Bel Ami with Uma Thurman said, "I'm almost completely deaf anyway. So I'm worried. I'm very worried," he told BANG Showbiz.

The actor was clipped on the legs by a taxi in New York last year while he was trying to run away from a horde of teenage girls who had come to see him film his latest release  he had to rely on the support of his cast mates and the crew on Remember Me to stop him being mobbed by his fans everyday.

Blessed with fine look, body and talent.. it seems to us Robert's ears aren't the only 'part' of his body which be more likely to get damaged by   fans ;)

Awwww..such a hard life, isnt it?

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